Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, “The Church with the Clock Tower,” was originally named Ringsaker, because many of the people who settled in the Pelican area were from the Ringsaker region of Norway.

In 1954, Faith Evangelical Lutheran congregation was established with 37 charter members, and the 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2004.

The stone block above the the mail door of the church states, “Soli Deo Gloria”, TO GOD ALONE THE GLORY, a motto that has called and welcome worshippers since 1886.  The beautiful altar with the statue of Jesus, flanked by apostles Matthew and John, was purchased by members in 1898.  Two of the orginal stained glass windows are now installed on either side of the enterance to the new Fellowship Hall.

Come and join in our fellowship!!

Respectfully Submitted by

Hazel Hovde